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Knightwolves is a level 95 casual guild on the Crushbone server.
We were formed May 14th, 2008 but have also been on the Xeth
server of Vanguard and the Innothule server of EQ2 at launch. 

We are chatty, group often and just like to have fun.

Feel free to have a look around. 

Some helpful resources available to members through our forums:

*Stat info, caps, and soft caps
*ACT Help


Guild Level 90!

XXPorcelinaXX, Nov 16, 10 9:51 PM.

Guild Level 80

XXPorcelinaXX, Oct 11, 10 1:51 PM.

Congratulations on guild level 80!

Now that we're guild level 80, we have some new things available to us.
Armored Wargs/Rhinos (new colors)
New Status items
A new row in each Guild Bank
We now have 30 amenity slots in the hall.

First Guild-Only 80+ Raid

XXPorcelinaXX, Aug 7, 10 9:43 AM.
We did Ward of Elements last night as a guild and decided to start with only 9 people. We did very well, got several shorthanded victory achievements, flawless victory achievements and some awesome loot. Oh and one of our healers was only 78... and she hardly died. Later on Grongor and Diableedies joined us and Kimmeh had to go to sleep.

Fifth of July Party

XXPorcelinaXX, Jul 4, 10 6:16 PM.



::Knightwolves 5 th of July Party!:






  Come and Join us Monday July 5th for our Knightwolves' 5th of July Celebration!

The day will include a leveling writ party to get the guild a level followed by trivia and a firework spectacular!

For more information, go here.

Grats Porcelina and Draconoides!

XXPorcelinaXX, Jan 28, 10 1:03 AM.

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